This track is Fingathings most famous track, its called "Walk in Space"

It is a pretty relaxing track to listen to while doing something on the internet...
I loved it, but tell me what you think!

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followin 'n' supportin bro :)

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i wonder how long he worked on it for

I dont speak german, and I dont know what its about, but to me it seems very relaxing.

Much love and $upport headed your way

Wait a minute wtf, This comment was meant for your latest story, lol.

i dont speak german but i get the same feeling when i listen to the song. i picture myself taking a trip with my friends in a dirt road surrounded by trees going about 60 mph in a combi.

the comment above was also for the previous video

Good tune but Rammstein kicksass !!!

That is an awesomely epic song, but I'm with srmatanza FEUER FREI!

You have a new follower!

suportin and followin man

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