after a short break due to the big amounts of work I had to do, here is the next tune!!!

Now it is not Electro^^
It is a beautiful song by the german electro-hiphop band Deichkind

I dunno if it has the same effect on a person who doesn´t speak German, but this song makes me dream about a long adventure, about far places and about the future in general.

I highly recommend watching the video this time, it´s simply amazing.


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cool post bro!
check both my blogs are interesting! ;)
suppin can u rtrn pls?

Thank you for posting these I liked it so much!
remove captcha please!

cool :D

Captcha removed. sry for that, thougt I had already done this

Great blog, man!

Hope you`ll check out mine as well.

looks like fun!

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Damn good song

I learned something from this.

ahh german

i really enjoyed it.

oh germany
you so crazy

sounds good!


silly me, I posted my comment in the previous post :P!

Though i don't understand german I still really like this song. Love the electronic music :D

kool man supp ya

kul man!
Infected is a classic one
saw him in acapulcofest it was asum!

Awesome song. Thanks!

Lovely song. Thank you for it.

how was the trip?

New follower - very cool blog. Love for to check my blog and follow me. Thanks
Mr Monkey

techno and stuff nice

great post

Fuck yeah i love Infected Mushroom

sounds great, thank tou.

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