First of all, I am really sorry because I didn´t have any time for blogging.
Job and everything + coming home way too late.

but ANYWAY, expect this to get better as soon as I have my smartphone I have already ordered. I am just waiting for the delivery.

ANYWAY is also the title of this mix.


Hey guys, after a short break (sry for that)

Here is the next tune for my beloved readers.
Electro at it´s finest by the German GOD OF ELECTRO, Paul Kalkbrenner

Enjoy + Listen at full volume

Hey guys
The next track, "Mückenschwarm" was the track that made Oliver Koletzki a pretty well known DJ.
He only made 500 white labels of this song, nobody knew him at that time. But somehow, this track managed to get into the suitcase of Sven Väth, a famous DJ. So this guy played this song and partypeople from Ibiza to Tokio where just freaking out, so Mückenschwarm and Oliver Koletzki became popular.

This is the story behind this song, ENJOY

Hey guys, today´s tune is really cool. :)
WATCH THE VIDEO, you won´t regret it.

The master of awesomeness has arrived.

Ok guys, today´s song is "The Suburbs" by Arcade Fire.

I first heard this song on a small local radio channel... They tend to send mostly non-Mainstream music.
This song is a pretty cool song to relax and to come down.

my recommendation: Put it on a mp3-player, wait till it´s dark outside, lay down, plug it in and watch the stars. Start dreaming

This bass is beasty :)

I am buying a new mobile next week. I think thats why I am in partymood.
I hope you like it :)

Hey guys,
I´m sorry for the sad times without some divine tunes, but I was on further training at a place pretty much at the end of the world :)
no internetz there :/

so right now I will show you the song I have listened to a lot a long time ago. But I rediscovered this tune the last days. I dunno why, but this song suits perfectly when you are at the "end of the world".


after a short break due to the big amounts of work I had to do, here is the next tune!!!

Now it is not Electro^^
It is a beautiful song by the german electro-hiphop band Deichkind

I dunno if it has the same effect on a person who doesn´t speak German, but this song makes me dream about a long adventure, about far places and about the future in general.

I highly recommend watching the video this time, it´s simply amazing.


This track is Fingathings most famous track, its called "Walk in Space"

It is a pretty relaxing track to listen to while doing something on the internet...
I loved it, but tell me what you think!

hello music-lovers out there!

Now what I want to do is to show you really good music.
No Lady Gaga, just cool, mostly lesser known music.

The first two videos are from the german DJ "Moonbootica".
I saw him live in a club this friday and it was absolutely stunning, he got the crowd boiling.
I really think these tracks really deserve the adjective AWESOME

Here you go!

Tell me what you think!


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