after a short break due to the big amounts of work I had to do, here is the next tune!!!

Now it is not Electro^^
It is a beautiful song by the german electro-hiphop band Deichkind

I dunno if it has the same effect on a person who doesn´t speak German, but this song makes me dream about a long adventure, about far places and about the future in general.

I highly recommend watching the video this time, it´s simply amazing.


This track is Fingathings most famous track, its called "Walk in Space"

It is a pretty relaxing track to listen to while doing something on the internet...
I loved it, but tell me what you think!

hello music-lovers out there!

Now what I want to do is to show you really good music.
No Lady Gaga, just cool, mostly lesser known music.

The first two videos are from the german DJ "Moonbootica".
I saw him live in a club this friday and it was absolutely stunning, he got the crowd boiling.
I really think these tracks really deserve the adjective AWESOME

Here you go!

Tell me what you think!


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